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Damn evertime I get on I have all this reading to catch up on, o well.
So my little break was nice and a week before school started Sarah was able to stay here for a week, which was quite nice indeed.

Right now shes spending the night here instead of the dorm becouse she rather sickly sick.
I'm hoping she gets better by saturday for D&D.

I so wanted to help her dye her hair but being as sick as she is thats not gonna happen and I'm sorta comming down with something too (its minor in comparison to her cold) so dyeing hair wouldn't be nearny as fun.

I quit my painting job to go back to the reustrant of stinch but its for school, I just wish I could have afforded more than one fricken class this semester.

With this time between one class and work Im going to spend an hour a day on portfolio, um and Jamies comic >< .....
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thinking of you

So as these days pass I tend to think of all my close and personal friends.
It seems while I do this I find my self out of touch or reach with these friends and become slightly dwindled.

Thanks to the few friends that have had time to hang out with me this past week I am in a content and warm mood but more and more I notice couples walking about ,for the shopping over lord, and I tend to feel a sinking sad weep among me.

Maybe I'm starting to think of Sara a bit more than expected, I do miss her but as far as thought has gone I've tried hard to not let my emotions cloud me yet they..., as for that I can feel for Roans heart and the mood he might have becouse of Biz being gone.

I'm trying to say: thank you to everyone for being a friend of mine.
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reply and another try

Right first off party.. damn straight!

Now second off: I tried to post earlier without success so I'm at it again.

Tuesday the 13 I was commited to the ER at Flagler Hospital, due to a kidney stone meds were given (thank you kevin and nate) and I was out for three days, pain came back plus no meds, so monday the 19 (yes I dealt with this unbearable pain for 3 long days) I was once again in the hospital (two more kidney stones found).
All and all I'm fealing great now but I did miss one full week of work and now I am so poor... thinking of going to ST.George St and drawing for cash poor.

I really am sorry about the no posting but I was in so much pain I dont know how I was able to drive to the hospital
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early christmas?

Hello everyone, how are you feeling?
Things today are going as planed and I have had the good company of Nate and his many conversations all ... well life in general (okay this might be a little long, sorry).
So about a week ago I promised May I'd hangout with her for her big last supper before finals and everyone started to leave. Now this dinner was last night.
I picked her up and quickly told her that I do have interests in another girl but for that evening I'd treat her as girlfriend (that means she can kiss me but no notty business and that night would be the end of our dating).
The dinner at Mikados was so good and damn I love sushi. There was a party afterwords which was rather humorous but I don't think May understood me earlier that night.
All and all it was fun, today should be much fun as well I get to hang out with some good peoples and play my D&D.
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Jack once said that there's a state of mind where one thinks he/she is enlightened but actually is not and that one has to lose everything they have before they even come close.

There's also the mind set that can turn one towards this "enlightenment"

A little while ago after I moved into this house something clicked and that mind set began to flow but I lost it too quickly and things fell from control.

I was consistently late for work and my grades in school had began to drop but lately after hanging out with old friends and doing some Tai Chi Chuan I've come back across this path and it's not knowing everything just realizing where one is, what one must do and just how little one knows.

Every day I feel more like shouting out and singing in joy knowing that I can help another.
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Yes I am still alive.

Although my mind has been moving these past few weeks I haven't had the ... passion as one might say to post.

And I still don't but soon, any day now I think I might.

"Nothing to report on the eastern front sir!"
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Love song and a test

OKay I better type this up before I do my homework other wise I'll be in a bad mood by comparison of how I feel now, which by the way is very very.. happy.
A fair warning it starts off a little bad.

So, have you ever had one of those days? The one in which you hear a song, a some what rare song, the one song that makes you remember and a think heavily of that one person you've loved the most and still have heavy feelings for.
Today was that day for me, I heard one frickin song not an hour into work and the whole time I'm working all I can think of is this one girl. I know I haven't had many relationships and the few that I have had hadn't lasted long. But I know that this is one the those few persons that makes me feel better as a person.

Last night I was up till 4am studding for a hard math test which was taken earlier this evening at 4:45pm-7:00pm. The test was (a first for me) scary, but the teacher allows students to pair up if their average grade is a C or above so I paired up with a good friend Brian, even though he is deaf he helped me more than I could imagine. Having another person there helped me work problems out, kept me from looking at too many problems at once and freezing up.

In the end I think I got 105 (bonus question) so that must mean I got about a B-A, and on top of that the song isn't stuck in my heard anymore so no more thoughts of past love... I hope.

Can you figure out the bonus problem it was pretty easy for me.

If a rocket is traveling 108 feet per second and the equation for the rocket leaving the ground is h=-16t^2+108t where h is equal to height and t is equal to the seconds in travel how long will it take for the rocket to arrive at 640 feet above ground level.
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I have no clue

Yeah for some reason I still can't seem to think straight today but a lot more things have come into play, by the way I'm not just talking but those relationships people are having.

So, you should ask questions, maybe give me an idea for what the write here on LJ hell I don't know....
Sorry brain kinda blew up there, I'm gonna get cleaned up and go study have fun all.

well wasn't that a bit random.